Maelezo | Explanation

As populations grow and space becomes more contained, friction between environmental elements is inevitable. The competition for resources plays out in varying degrees; from the dramatically violent, to the imperceptibly calm. Wild animals, plants and humans, all fighting for evolutionary survival.

Mifano | Examples

The examples are all around us; a natural landscape divided into grids, building blocks and tarmacked arteries; a plant, as it grows between the bricks on a path; a wild animal adjusting its ancient behavior to survive in a fast changing habitat; even our centuries old innate traits weaving into all the latest features of modern society.

Yaliyohamasisha | Inspirations

Shindana provides a visual reference point to that tug-of-war between nature and a manufactured world. Geometric patterns, organic shapes and collage combine into textured compositions that, like a chess board, reflect a tense, temporary harmony as each side silently contemplates their next move.

Man against beast, walls against space, control against anarchy, life against death, line against circle.

Inspired predominantly by Eastern Africa, the art borrows from the landscape, the traditional dress and the adornment of native tribes. While inspired by native ornaments, the use of buttons, beads, cloth and metal all act as abstracted symbolism in the ongoing confrontation. Circles of life trying to find their way between all kinds of barriers.

The competition continues, but is anyone really keeping score?.

Kuwasiliana | Get In Touch